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Guardians of biodiversity

We protect our bees

In Riomaggiore, in the area of the Cinque Terre National Park, in addition to the olive grove from which the exclusive DOP Riviera Ligure “Terre d’Amare” is obtained, there is an apiary. Here we produce the precious Erica honey arborea, characteristic essence of the area, and Acacia and Chestnut honeys. Cinque Terre honey is the product of an uncontaminated environment free from chemical conditioning, an oasis where the beauty of Nature is integrated with the work of man, creator of the characteristic dry stone walls. Here our bees operate safely favored by the mild and sunny climate, only taking shelter in the hive when sea winds sometimes make flight difficult.

Bees are pollinating insects, the foundation of our ecosystem. Today they are in danger of extinction, their breeding is the only way we have to save them.

We want to involve you in their protection: with the “adopt a hive” initiative (direct link) you can help us protect them and discover their mysterious world by following the life of a family for a whole year.


Adopt a hive in the Cinque Terre

Adopting a hive means concretely supporting the planet, helping us to expand our apiary. The newsletters will accompany you on this journey: accompanied by photos and videos, you will find out what happens during the year and you will learn details and curiosities about the life of bees.

Monofloral Heather honey characteristic of the 5 Terre

Monofloral honey of Acacia of the 5 Terre and La Spezia Gulf

Monofloral chestnut honey from 5 Terre and La Spezia Gulf

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