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Wildflower Honey

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The wildflower honey of the Cinque Terre is produced from numerous floral species, allowing the bees to combine the productions of different harvesting periods. It is generally produced in summer, sometimes involuntarily, and is a combination of the characteristics of the monofloral honeys of the area, which combines the characteristics of heather, acacia, chestnut honey and the blooms of local aromatic plants (dandelion, helichrysum, broom, mint, cistus and numerous others)

Pairings: yellow-orange in colour, with an intense aroma of flowers and vanilla, a sweet flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, it is perfect for all uses.

On a nutritional level, wildflower honey is naturally rich in minerals and antioxidants, and is more complete than monofloral honeys, as it contains pollen from different types of blooms


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