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Monofloral honey of Acacia of the 5 Terre and La Spezia Gulf

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Acacia honey is a type of monofloral honey and is obtained from the Robinia pseudoacacia, a plant of North American origin which is very widespread in Liguria, which prefers the proximity of waterways and is easily recognizable thanks to the typical white or cream-coloured flowers, which they have the classic cluster shape. They are characterized above all by their very sweet and pleasant scent. The flowers generally bloom during the month of May.

Acacia honey is light yellow in color, colorless the purer it is, and generally does not crystallize, remaining liquid for a long time. It has neither a particularly strong or marked odor nor flavour. For this reason it is much loved by children

Pairings: straw yellow in colour, with a delicate scent of flowers and vanilla and a sweet flavor with an imperceptibly bitter aftertaste, it goes well with Parmigiano Reggiano and Fossa cheeses, but is perfect for sweetening milk, coffee and drinks in general.

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