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Razzola Olive

A variety of border between Liguria and Lunigiana

The olive groves are DOP Riviera Ligure certified, with a prevalence of Razzola, Frantoio and Leccino olives.

The Razzola olive tree has a gentle bearing, medium-sized fruit and gradual ripening. It is suitable both for the production of olives in brine and for transformation into oil.

The oil obtained from it is harmonious and balanced on the palate, enriched with herbaceous and aromatic sensory notes.

The processing in the company oil mill, carried out without adding water and without producing oil mill waste, enhances flavors and aromas and preserves the noble components of extra virgin olive oil, which make it the key element of the Mediterranean diet.


DOP EVO Oil. Razzola Variety: Razzola, Frantoio, Leccino

100% Italian EVO Oil. Monovarietal Razzola

100% Italian EVO Oil. Monovarietal Taggiasca

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