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Technological innovation

Respect for the environment meet in the pursuit of high quality

The oil mill adopts the water-saving two-phase Pieralisi continuous system.

In all stages of processing the temperature never exceeds 27 ° – cold extraction.

The first oil mill in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycle: clean and renewable energy is obtained from residual biomass: the wood seeds are recovered as ecological fuel for heating the water used in the company, while the pomace is sent to a biogas plant for the production of electricity.

The strengths of the new plant are the refrigerated knife crusher where the olives are broken quickly at low temperatures, and the Protoreactor, the revolutionary Pieralisi innovation that in a few minutes favors the extraction of oil, preserving its freshness and aromas.

The two-phase integral decanter separates the oil without diluting with water, preserving the antioxidant and aromatic substances contained in the oil to the maximum.

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