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Adopt a beehive

A concrete project to save the planet.

If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live

A. Einstein


Bees, a school of sustainability

Bees are pollinating insects that are the foundation of our ecosystem. Today they are in danger of extinction, their breeding is the only way we have to save them. Bees live and work as a single organism, a single living being that acts for the good of the hive.
Inspired by their way of life, we want to involve you in their protection

Adopt a beehive

With the "Adopt a hive" initiative you can:


Always attentive to the environment

Since the foundation of our company, safeguarding the environment has been a prerogative for us through the search for ecological and sustainable production methods. Precisely for this reason we take care of more than 40 beehives, located in Riomaggiore, in a beautiful terraced olive grove typical of the Cinque Terre. We produce heather, acacia and chestnut honey, characteristic blooms of our territory.


Choose your package

In each type of adoption package you will find a 10% discount code on all products in our shop. If you buy the SUPPORTER package you will also have a voucher for a visit for 1 person on the farm, so you can get to know the family you are taking care of.

Do you want to give a beehive?

An original gift to make those you love and the environment happy! To give this experience as a gift, just enter the wording “gift” and the email of the person concerned in the notes box that will be available when ordering: the person will not receive the payment details and his email will be included in the program!

Receive news of your queen bee and her hive, and a supply of your favorite honey!
Discover all the adoption programs

Forest honeydew honey, mainly from pine, oak and chestnut

Wildflower Honey

Monofloral chestnut honey from 5 Terre and La Spezia Gulf

Monofloral honey of Acacia of the 5 Terre and La Spezia Gulf

Monofloral Heather honey characteristic of the 5 Terre

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