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A real explosion of flavors, blended with a sweet cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and chilli to give a pinch of energy

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A rich sauce of vegetables and Mediterranean herbs. Eggplants, courgettes, dried tomatoes and peppers are the basic ingredients. To be tried on homemade bread and to accompany appetizers and aperitifs.

INGREDIENTS: Aubergines, courgettes, dried tomatoes, peppers, extra virgin olive oil, capers, hot peppers, wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, basil. After opening, store in the refrigerator covered with oil

NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 g of product: Energy: 159 kcal – 665 kJ; Total fat: 11.8 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.9 g; Total carbohydrates: 8.4 g of which sugars: 6.1 g; Proteins: 1.9 g; Salt: 3.7 g

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