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Ready soup, just to reheat. Traditional dish of La Spezia cuisine, in dialect the term “mesciüa” means “mixture”.


The soup was traditionally prepared in the harbor area by fishermen with ingredients chosen randomly and mixed together. Its origin seems to date back to the fourteenth century but it is likely that the dish has Arab origins. Others trace the recipe back to when the dockers in the port of La Spezia were paid in kind at the end of the day, often with what “left over” from the unloading and boarding of the ships. Typical dish of the “poor cuisine”, the mesciua is a soup of legumes and cereals, left to soak in water at different times and boiled with different cooking times. The ingredients are then combined in a single dish, to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and coarsely ground pepper.

INGREDIENTS: legumes(*) in variable proportions (chickpeas, cannellini beans, cicerchie, lentils), spelled(*), extra virgin olive oil(*), salt.

(*) from organic farming. Allergens in bold.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 g of product: Energy: 130 kcal – 547 kJ; Fats: 2.5 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.3 g; Total carbohydrates: 17.1 g of which sugars 0.4 g; Fiber: 3.1 g; Proteins: 8.2 g; Salt: 0.7 g

Keep in a cold and dry place. After opening, store in the fridge and consume within 4 days

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